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Is online marketing or advertising effective?


I f you’re a huge price and item retailer like Amazon, Target or Wal-Mart the answer is of course, yes. If you’re a Realtor, a Lender, a Title Rep, or anyone else in the Residential Real Estate Industry who relies mainly on local business, the answer for most is a resounding NO.


  • No, I am tired of being a small fish in a huge pond.

  • No, I refuse to wait any longer for potential clients to somehow find me.

  • No, I am tired of high tech – low results software that only made money for the guy I bought it from.

  • No, I am tired of not being able to effectively market the one thing I have that my competition will never have….ME!


A video going viral on the internet has little to do with buyers or sellers selecting their agent, lender, or title rep. However, if targeted correctly several of our tools will be very effective on the net. Your business is local, your potential clients are local and your marketing should be local.


We do not generate leads, we generate clients!  Please visit our web site at


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