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High Tech Low Results

It is all passive and in today’s market, passive is not effective. The internet is a great advertising and marketing tool for many industries – Real Estate however, is not one of them primarily because people do not know how to use it. 


Everyone agrees that having a Web presence is necessary with the bizillons of real estate dollars being spent. However, did you know that the percentages of sellers who found their listing agent from any Internet site was equal to the same percentage of sellers who found their listing agent at an open house or from a yard sign? (Only 4 percent!) So if you’re considering a pricey web site to drive your business, you may wish to reconsider.


There are no shortcuts in this business. As you know it takes between 12 and 18 months for a potential buyer or seller to enter the market. These are your “not now but soon clients,” and you want to start marketing to those folks at the beginning of their journey, not at the end. You want them to become aware of you long before they consciously realize they need you. This is relationship building and as we both know, building a solid relationship takes time. 12 to 18 months in some cases. 


Search engines, newspaper ads, Yellow Pages or home book ads accounted for less than 1 percent each of all closed seller leads. Mobile or tablet applications, direct mail pieces and “advertising specialty (calendars, magnets, etc.)” all accounted for less than 1 percent of the closed seller leads as well.


Your No. 1 priority should be building relationships with potential clients long before they realize they need your services. 


Second, it is vital that you stay in contact with past clients. Not only are they great sources of referrals, they are highly probable to hire you the next time you transact if you stay in contact.


Third, any activity that puts you face to face with buyers and sellers is more likely to produce a closed deal than activities that rely on impersonal contact.


My firms focus is on helping you and/or your team or staff gain  more clients through the use of ProActive Personal Marketing. People buy when they are ready to buy - not when we need to sell. Thus the reason why making potential clients aware of you long before they consciously realize they need you, is so important. Our philosophy is “The Product Is You…..Not What You Do!” The result is marketing that is Personal, Targeted, Credible, Distinctive, Dynamic and ProActive!  


Interested in growing your business?  So are we!

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