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What is the difference between a Top Producing Realtor and one that is struggling to find consistency in their business?  In my opinion, it is not so much that successful people know different things; I believe they simply see things differently.

For example they see the importance of;

  • Creating high visibility and awareness

  • Separating themselves from the sameness of their competition

  • Creating top of mind awareness within their sphere of influence.

  • Building  relationships

  • Targeting their marketing dollars

  • Constant “Face Time” with past, current, and potential clients

  • Constantly gaining credibility

  • Show casing their trustworthyness and and skills


And the significance of making potential clients aware of you long before they consciously realize they need you.


That is Personal Marketing, the most effective and cost efficient way to grow your business. Please visit our web site at


Remember, the Product is You – Not What You Do!

9 Easy Steps To Success

by: Bob Salmon

Interested in growing your business?  So are we!

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